The Budget Billing plan is a special fixed payment plan which provides participating members with predictable bills. By knowing the amount of your electric bill each month, budgeting becomes easier.

To qualify for the plan, a member must have a Clay Electric billing history in good standing under his or her name at the current residence for at least 12 months. Budget Billing plan participants will have their meters read monthly and receive monthly bills; however, the amount due will be based on a 12-month average, including any carry over balance (debit or credit) from the previous budget bill calculation. This calculated average will be their budget bill amount for the next six months. Customers will be notified on their April & October bills of their new calculated budget amount for the next six months. Customers will pay the same amount from May through October and November through April. Billing by this formula does not reduce your total cost for electricity, but rather evens out the wide fluctuations caused by any increased seasonal usage.

Participation in the Budget Billing plan may be discontinued at any time by the member, and may be discontinued by Clay Electric if a bad payment record develops or if the account has a returned check. Upon cancellation of the Budget Billing plan, the account will be adjusted for any deferred balance or credit.

For complete details and an application, please see the Budget Billing Plan brochure.

Budget Billing Plan (PDF)