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Clay Electric Cooperative will resume disconnections for accounts with a past due balance on Tuesday, July 7. To help members during the coronavirus pandemic, Clay Electric... Continue Reading ›

Members can now view energy usage

Want to learn more about your energy use? View your energy use at this Meter Usage website.
This site allows you to login and see your energy use by the month, day or hour. You can also see weather temperatures for each day on the graph. Typically, you’ll use more energy to cool or heat your home when weather temperatures are extremely high or low.
Once logged in, a bar graph will show usage in kWh (kilowatts per hour) for the current year. You can look closer at a month by clicking its respective bar. When the month is visible, you can look at the hourly energy use for a day by clicking on its bar. How far back you will be able to see your usage will depend on how long you have had an advanced meter. Your usage will only be shown for the months you have had your new meter.
Keep in mind that the data provided correlates to a calendar month and not to a billing cycle. Because the periods represented in the graph do not necessarily coincide with your billing period, the data shown is not meant to provide you a means of determining what your electric bill should be.