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Clay's cost of power lower than 68% of surveyed utilities
In a recent comparison of electric rates across the state, Clay Electric’s residential cost of power was lower than 68 percent of 53 utilities surveyed. The survey included 15 electric co-ops, 5 investor-owned utilities and 33 municipally-owned utilities. Clay Electric’s cost of power for 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity ($118.50) ranked it second lowest among the state’s 15 co-ops. Read more

2014 hurricane season predicted to be quiet
A forecast team from Colorado State University has predicted a low level of activity in the Atlantic basin this hurricane season.
Phil Klotzbach and William Gray of the CSU Tropical Meteorology Project say there will be an average of 9 named storms, with three of those storms developing into hurricanes in the Atlantic this season, which runs from June 1 through November 30. The historical seasonal average is 12 tropical storms, with 6.5 of them becoming hurricanes. Read more

Have you used the Co-op Connections Card to save on prescriptions? We want to hear from you!
Clay Electric members have saved more than $88,500 on prescriptions since the Co-op Connections Card program began in May 2012. If you are one of the many members saving money on prescriptions with the card, please tell us about your experience. We'd love to hear your story!
Click here to read more about the program.

Clay Electric members will be asked for opinions on service, communications
Members of Clay Electric may be contacted by a telephone survey company beginning the evening of Monday, April 14 as part of the cooperative’s efforts to evaluate its services and communications. The telephone survey is scheduled to last five to seven days. Read more

Clay Electric announces employee award winners
Clay Electric Cooperative recently honored four employees for outstanding achievement in 2013 that reflected well on themselves and the cooperative. Awards were presented in four categories: internal customer service, external customer service, community service and Samaritan. One employee was selected from among the four award recipients as the 2013 Employee Recognition Award winner.
The four award recipients are Marsha Douglas of the Palatka District; Dawn Monaghan of the Human Resources, Safety and Training Department; Barbara Cato of the Salt Springs District; and Billy Coursey of the Keystone Heights District. Douglas received the overall Recognition award during a presentation by General Manager/CEO Ricky Davis at the co-op’s Annual Meeting on March 20. Read more

Call us before you invest in a PV system
Thinking about purchasing a photovoltaic (PV) system for your home or business? More than 100 of Clay Electric’s members are harnessing the energy of sunlight to lower their bills. Before you invest, call your cooperative first. We have some important information to share about PV systems that will help you make the best decision. Visit our solar power page or call us to request a brochure.

Clay warns members about new nationwide email scam
Clay Electric is warning its members that a new nationwide scam is targeting utility customers through email. Utilities around the nation are reporting that some of their customers have received bogus email bill statements.
Although Clay Electric hasn’t received reports of members receiving emails that solicit payments or request personal information, the co-op is urging its members to be aware and alert.
“Members should delete any suspicious emails and not click on any links that may accompany the emails,” said Derick Thomas, director of Clay Electric’s Member & Public Relations Department. Read more

Urge EPA to reconsider "all-but-one" approach
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new proposed rules limiting the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of new coal and natural gas based power plants. Because of this, the Administration has abandoned its “all-of-the-above” energy strategy and embraced an “all-but-one” approach that effectively prevents construction of new coal-based generation.
Electric cooperatives strongly oppose this shift and believe the proposed rule should be withdrawn. Co-ops support using a diverse fuel mix including renewables, natural gas, nuclear, and coal to generate electricity. Eliminating coal as a fuel choice will result in economic hardship for many communities and reduce the likelihood of affordable power in the future.
Your help is needed today! Urge EPA to reconsider its “all-but-one” approach. Visit the website and then click on the Take Action button. We appreciate your support!

Join COPA and help keep rates affordable!
Help us keep your bills affordable! Join Co-op Owners for Political Action. Funds raised by this grassroots network are donated to the political campaigns of candidates whose positions on issues support those of electric cooperatives.  Clay Electric’s ability to provide its members with excellent service and affordably priced power can be negatively affected by rules and regulations passed by our elected officials, so it’s vitally important that we elect the right people into political office. The personal dedication of Clay’s members to stand together as part of a powerful grassroots network that promotes policies that help secure the future of electric co-ops and the many families they serve is very important. This is an opportunity to make a huge difference.
The most important benefit you receive as a member of COPA is a voice in helping elect state and federal officials who will support your cooperative and your community.  We have already received nearly 100 forms from members eager to show their support for the program.  To join COPA, or for more information, contact your district office. This offer is available to our residential members only, due to federal election rules.

You have payment options!
Want your bill sooner? Tired of worrying about late payments? The Clay eBill program and the Automatic Monthly Payment Plan can help!
The Clay eBill program allows members to receive bill statements via e-mail. Participants will have a copy of their electric bill statements e-mailed to them monthly and will not receive a “paper” electric bill statement in the mail. To sign up or discontinue participation in the Clay eBill program, members should go to, logon to “My Account Logon” and click on “Electronic Billing” on the left menu.
If you'd like your payment to be automatically deducted monthly on your bill statement's due date by bank draft from your checking or savings account, the Automatic Monthly Payment Plan should be your choice. You will still receive a monthly bill statement but there will be a notation on the bill statement that there is a bank draft scheduled on the due date. To sign up, members should go to, logon to “My Account Logon” and click on “Payment Options.”

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Current Corporate Policies
Clay Electric’s Board of Trustees and Management support policies that promote transparency, accountability and good governance.
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