Clay Electric Credit Score

Your Clay Electric credit score is determined by a credit check at account connection and if you have any credit events while receiving service.  When you make your payments on time, you maintain your perfect score.  If you don’t, your credit rating with Clay Electric will be negatively impacted.   

Failure to maintain a satisfactory payment record may result in the billing of additional deposits.  Deposits can be $50 per month depending on how much your deposit needs to be increased to equal two months' average bill or $325, whichever is greater.   

Residential deposits are automatically credited to the account after 12 months of service with a good credit rating (0-25 points). 

By knowing what the rules are, you can keep your credit in good standing.


Credit Event Credit Points

Length of time points are on your credit score

Delinquent 25 12 months
Disconnected for Non-Payment 25 12 months
Returned Payment 25 12 months