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Clay Electric's Trading Post is one of the best places in the world to shop. It's also the best place for Clay Electric members to post non-commercial ads at no cost.

Members may submit ads for the Trading Post website and/or the Kilowatt newsletter.

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Posting an Ad

While the Trading Post ads are available for anyone to shop, only Clay Electric members can submit an ad, and members must comply with some basic guidelines.

You may submit your ad by filling out the webform to the right. Please mark whether you wish the ad to be placed online, in the newsletter, or both.

  • The Online Trading Post is a classified section for items for sale or for rent.
  • Only ads of a non-commercial nature are allowed.
  • Ads remain on the site for 45 days, after which time they will be deleted.
  • For newsletter ads, please limit your ad to 25 words.
  • The co-op reserves the right to edit lengthy ads or decline posting.
  • It may take 24 to 48 hours for online ads to appear on the site.
  • When submitting your ad, you must include your phone number with area code, and account number, along with your items for sale or rent. Contact information will not be added to the ad word count for the newsletter.
  • Click here to submit changes to your ad.
  • Want ads will not be published in the Kilowatt.
  • If you want your ad to appear in the next issue of the Kilowatt, it should be submitted no later than the 15th of the month preceding the month of publication. The Kilowatt newsletter is published in January, March, May, July, September, and December.
  • Ads published in the Kilowatt newsletter aren't automatically carried over to the next issue. Your ad must be resubmitted if you want it to appear in the next issue of the Kilowatt.

Please submit your ad ONCE per Kilowatt issue. Please take care to correct spelling and include all information before submitting your ad. If you have multiple ads, we will consolidate them into one ad for the print publication.


Some members who have placed ads with their email addresses on the online Trading Post have been contacted by individuals who are attempting a scam. The scammer will contact the seller using an email address, and an offer is made to buy the item (vehicle, boat, etc.). However, the buyer (scammer) wants the seller to ship the item to a designated location, perhaps overseas. The scammer will ask for a mailing address so they can send the seller a sizable cashier's or bank check to cover the cost of shipping, plus extra to pay a debt to the shipper. We encourage you to be alert to these types of scam offers and to avoid any further contact with the scammers.

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