1The Clay Electric Customer Handbook contains more than 20 pages of information about Clay Electric. Topics include reporting a power outage, member ownership, a listing and explanation of various member services, a sample electric bill and terminology, how to read a meter, and brief overviews of the co-op's youth programs and communications. The Handbook also includes a copy of the co-op's bylaws. The Handbook is mailed to all new members of the co-op. Copies are available at each district office and online.

Member Handbook

The co-op's newsletter, the Kilowatt, is published and mailed to each member six times a year: January, February, May, July, September and November/December. The Kilowatt newsletter includes information about current events, special notices pertaining to trustee district meetings and annual meetings, stories about members and much more, including special reports by the General Manager/CEO and the Trading Post.

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A monthly bill insert called the Power Line also features information about the co-op, including a message by the General Manager/CEO, as well as energy and safety information.

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