An array of services are offered by Clay Electric to its business members. If your business is interested in any of the below listed services, give your local district office a call. Your co-op's local district office staff is available to assist you if you should have any question or desire more information.

Payment Options

As a business member of Clay Electric, you have a variety of ways to make your electric bill payment. Choose the option that's best suited for your business.

Deposit Options

Once again, the choice is yours. Choose a deposit option which is best suited for your business.

Account Information

View the account balance of your business, billing history, current bill statement online, estimated meter reading date.

Submit an online request for:

On-site Energy Survey and Analysis

Submit an online request for comprehensive walk-through survey and analysis.

Group Billing

A billing option which consolidates the bill statements of different accounts of a business into a single bill statement.

Business Relocation

Services for business relocation or expansion.

Other Services

  • Backup diesel generation consultation
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) consultation
  • Custom metering
  • Charting of load characteristics