Bill Credit Winners 2024

All members who voted in the trustee elections, either online or by mail-in absentee ballot, were placed in a prize drawing contest to win one of 43 bill credits. Member Windee Sheppard of Keystone Heights won the grand prize $4,800 bill credit. Below is a full list of the bill credit winners.
The winners of the bill credits will also be announced during an Annual Meeting video report this week.
Grand Prize: $4,800 bill credit - Windee Sheppard, Keystone Heights
$2,500 bill credit - Delores Jones, Orange Springs 
$2,000 bill credit - Anna Borosko, Middleburg
$1,800 bill credit - Adam Sydenstricker, Silver Springs
$700 bill credit - Johnathan Jankowski, Keystone Heights 
$400 bill credit - Connie Chesser, Ft. McCoy

$50 bill credit
Faith Conkle, Fleming Island
Jon Griffin, Orange Park
Chris Lloyd, Middleburg
Frank Stopka IV, Lake City
Steven Sowders, Lake Butler
Steven Wettstein, Ft. McCoy 
Rebeca Farmer, Keystone Heights
Kenneth Hansen, Middleburg
Monica Pendleton, Orange Park
Robert Vaughn, Lake Butler
Christopher Beckett, Silver Springs
Robert Crittenden, Hawthorne
Becky Wilson, Silver Springs
Amanda Yancey, Citra
Shirley Temple, Citra
Paul Trotman III, Middleburg
Jacques Roberts, Alachua
Dawn King, Newberry
Sabrina Anderson, Middleburg
Shirley Poole, Fleming Island
Tania Philpot-Jolley, Middleburg
Marilyn Vanover, High Springs 
Ralph Kicklighter, Astor
Charles Mizell, Keystone Heights
Dennis Nix, Keystone Heights
Glenn Herring, Keystone Heights
Juliann Van Beveren, Orange Park
Richard Tower, Melrose
Roger Fielding, Orange Park
Sean Payne, Ft. McCoy
Kim Jones, Orange Park 
Sheri Courtney, DeLeon Springs
Angel Robles, Orange Park 
Linda Weiner, Reddick 
Michael Marshall, Orange Park 
Fletcher Gainey, Macclenny 
Christopher Bryan, Gainesville